Miley pranks people on the street with Australian accent
Miley Cyrus flashes boobs and pranks strangers with hilarious Aussie accent 15 hours ago

Miley Cyrus went undercover on the Jimmy Kimmel show to find out exactly what the public think of her. 

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Michelle Bridges' weight shocker in TBL Families trailer
Did Michelle Bridges gain 16kg? Trainer's weight shocker in new Biggest Loser trailer a day ago
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The Bachelor's Emily storms out on Sam
Emily on why she stormed out of The Bachelor: 'If you knew how poorly he behaved' a day ago
The Bachelor's Emily Simms left jaws on the floor with the most dramatic exit of the season.
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Sarah Jessica Parker 'completely wanted to get out of' SATC after pilot 2 days ago
Imagine SATC without SJP. We can't even.
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Sylvia Jeffreys 'takes full responsibility' for wardrobe malfunction
Today newsreader Sylvia Jeffreys has the ultimate response to her wardrobe malfunction 2 days ago

For any celebrity whose outfit has gone miraculously see-through under the paparazzi flashes, Sylvia Jeffreys feels your pain.

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Amy Schumer offers new Bachelor phone sex
Amy Schumer propositions new US Bachelor on TV: 'Do you want to have phone sex right now?' 2 days ago

Trainwreck star Amy Schumer just made an offer the new US Bachelor couldn't refuse.

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Bindi Irwin sings ‘One Little Ant’
Bindi Irwin's cute dancing flashbacks 3 days ago

Before she was Dancing With The Stars in the US, Bindi was rocking out with her croc out at the Australia Zoo in her girl band The Jungle Girls.

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America's WAGS steal the show
Drama, private jets and vagina specialists: Meet the women of new show America's WAGS 3 days ago
E! have a new show looking at the lives of America's WAGS called…wait for it, America's WAGS.
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Britney Spears embraces single life
Britney denies existence of her ex-BF, wants men to suck her toe 3 days ago

Break-ups can be tough, and it looks like Britney Spears' split with boyfriend Charlie Ebersol was a real doosey. 

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Bindi Irwin cringes over childhood dancing video
Bindi Irwin cringes over childhood dancing video as she joins Dancing With The Stars US 3 days ago

From the jungle to the dance floor, Bindi Irwin has taken the next step in her career.

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