Kyle and Jackie O grill Bachelorette Sam Frost on sex life
Kyle and Jackie O grill Sam Frost on her sex life with The Bachelorette winner: 'Sometimes six times a day' 2 days ago

It sounds like Sam Frost's chosen partner on The Bachelorette has quite the physical stamina.

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Richie, Will and Kayne spread mud over Sam Frost on The Bachelorette
Three suitors spread mud over Sam Frost on The Bachelorette: 'It was an intimate moment' 3 days ago

Nothing says romance like a nice trip to a day spa…with three dudes.

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The Bachelorette's Drew is already dating another girl named Sam…who's also 26! 3 days ago

He was the "owl guy" who won viewers' hearts on The Bachelorette, but Drew Woolford couldn't do quite the same with Sam Frost.

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Kim Kardashian recalls the time she overheard her mum having 'rough sex'
Kim Kardashian put her sisters on speakerphone to listen to their mum having loud sex 3 days ago

Just when we thought we knew everything there was to know about the queen of TMI Kim Kardashian West, she's gone and told this doozie of a tale.

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Sam Frost and Sasha's awkward first kiss on The Bachelorette
Sam Frost and Sasha share first pash on The Bachelorette after 'awkward' first date misfire 4 days ago
The first kiss of the season didn't go smoothly...
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Laurina Fleure reveals she was rejected as The Bachelorette for being too 'ambitious' 4 days ago
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Bindi's dance partner gets protective over boyfriend
Bindi Irwin's dance partner Derek Hough warns her boyfriend: 'You have her in bed by 7' 4 days ago

Bindi Irwin's boyfriend Chandler Powell better listen up or else he'll be in the doghouse (or should that be the zoo?).

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Geoffrey Edelsten shows off his moves
Geoffrey Edelsten gets his gym stud on…and makes a surprising Gabi Grecko revelation 4 days ago
Geoffrey Edelsten has revealed his inner fitness fanatic and the real reason why he scored his first date with Gabi Grecko.
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Bindi Irwin's boyfriend cheers her on
Bindi Irwin's boyfriend cheers her on after watching onstage cuddles with Derek Hough 5 days ago

Dancing With The Stars US favourite Bindi Irwin had a special guest watching her bouncy quickstep: her boyfriend Chandler Powell!

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Bachelor who? Sam's jilted bachelorettes take a break in Bali 5 days ago
It's all bikinis, beers and massages for The Bachelor runner-ups Lana Jeavons-Fellows and Sarah Mackay.
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