'S---, wrong words': Adele forgets her lyrics
Adele forgets song lyrics at concert, gets away with it because she's Adele 4 days ago
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Victoria Beckham's early noughties hip-hop foray
MC VB? Victoria Beckham's unreleased noughties hip-hop album leaks online…and yes, it's kind of hilarious 4 days ago

It's a good thing Victoria Beckham has made it as a fashion mogul post-Spice Girls because her back-up plan wasn't all that happening.

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One Direction's Niall Horan says he's being harassed with 'abusive' texts from fans targeting his family 5 days ago
He's known as the most happy-go-lucky member of One Direction, but Niall Horan let his guard down after weeks of "abusive" messages.
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Sir Paul McCartney on working with Kanye West
Paul McCartney defends 'crazy' Kanye West against public...and Oprah: 'He's a monster who inspires me' 6 days ago
There's probably no music superstar who inspires more eye rolls these days than Kanye West, but Sir Paul McCartney is clearly in the rapper's corner.
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Plus size model Ashley Graham stars in DNCE’s ‘Toothbrush’ video
'It was a man's dream come true': Why Joe Jonas cast plus-size model Ashley Graham in new video 6 days ago
Dontcha just love it when famous people kiss and tell? Ashley Graham and Joe Jonas have done exactly that, both blabbing about their on-screen hook-up in his band DNCE's 'Toothbrush' video.
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Kendra Wilkinson is a sexy alien in Lost in Space video
Former Playboy Bunny Kendra releases bizarre music video with Hugh Hefner lookalike 6 days ago

The reality star admits that she's no pop diva, but just really wanted to have her own music video.

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Celine Dion talks about breaking down onstage at the Billboard Music Awards
Celine Dion opens up about 'collapsing' onstage at the BBMAs: 'Sometimes you can't control everything' 7 days ago
Celine Dion is explaining the emotions behind her onstage breakdown at the Billboard Music Awards.
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Pink flies at the BBMAs, Bieber looks bored
Justin Bieber delivers rambling Instagram rant on 'fake' fellow celebrities after Billboard Music Awards 7 days ago

So this explains that sour expression Justin Bieber had on his face during Pink's performance at the Billboard Music Awards.

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2016 BBMAs: Celine Dion's tearful award from her son
2016 BBMAs best moments: Celine Dion's son gives her a teary Kesha, Pink and Britney return 7 days ago
The 2016 Billboard Music Awards were packed with high-profile comebacks and touching tributes, led by Celine Dion, Pink and Kesha.
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Madonna performs Prince tribute at Billboard Music Awards
'A classic example of how not to honour someone': Madonna's BBMAs Prince tribute ridiculed by fans 7 days ago

The 2016 Billboard Music Awards honoured Prince's legacy with a live tribute by Madonna and Stevie Wonder. But, unfortunately, it failed to hit the right note for many viewers.

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