Lance Bass reveals sexual harassment during his 'N SYNC days
'Someone we worked with was inappropriately touching us': Lance Bass reveals 'N SYNC sexual harrassment 2 days ago
We often hear sexual harassment stories from female celebrities, but we rarely get them from the perspective of male stars.
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Selena Gomez on how body shaming landed her in therapy: 'People would yell out, You're fat' 2 days ago
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Nicki Minaj reignites VMAs feud with Miley Cyrus: 'You have some big balls' 3 days ago

The heat hasn't cooled down between Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus after the infamous "Miley, what's good?" onstage spat at August's 2015 MTV VMAs.

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Kanye West calls himself the ‘Michelangelo of music’, discusses running for US president
Yeezy in 2020! Kanye West confirms his five-year plan: 'I'm definitely running for president' 3 days ago

Kanye West is nothing if not overly confident. Could the self-proclaimed "Michelangelo of music" be anything else? 

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Fiercely single Rihanna speaks out about ex-love Chris Brown: 'Sometimes you just have to walk away' 3 days ago
Rihanna has opened up about her abusive ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, amidst the media storm surrounding his entry into Australia.
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Brooklyn Beckham jumps off a roof in music video cameo
Brooklyn Beckham jumps off a roof in music video cameo...or does he? 4 days ago

Brooklyn Beckham does some impressive stunts in the music video for 'Wake Up' by The Vamps…or does he?

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Singer James Blunt talks about his military past
James Blunt recalls harrowing experience with the British Army in Kosovo: 'It was just too violent and too ugly' 5 days ago
James Blunt has faced things far scarier in his life than Twitter trolls and terrible TV talent show hopefuls.
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Taylor Swift and Keith Urban rock the house in Toronto
Taylor Swift adds Keith Urban to her squad of A-list onstage guest stars 5 days ago


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Fitzy and Wippa's 'Blacktown'
Fitzy and Wippa's epic ode to 'Blacktown', in the style of Macklemore's 'Downtown' 8 days ago

Nova FM's Fitzy and Wippa are representing the West, bro.

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Selena Gomez reveals she's dating…but does she use Tinder? 9 days ago
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