Flume reveals Taylor Swift almost got kicked out of Coachella
Flume says Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid were so 'full-on' they almost got kicked out of his Coachella set 5 hours ago

They might be VVVVIPs, but to Aussie producer Flume and his management, Taylor Swift and "that Gigi Hadid girl" were just annoying festival goers interrupting his set.

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Beyonce fan loses it after being touched by idol
Beyonce fan's face frozen in shock after being touched by her idol a day ago
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From awkward to awesome: Pop music's sexiest makeovers 7 days ago
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Rod Stewart's wife reveals her secret sex fetish to TV audience: 'It can be quite sensual' 7 days ago
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Pink recalls an ancient argument with Prince
Pink recalls teenage smackdown with Prince: 'I told him he was a rude [bleep] and then I went on stage' 8 days ago
Like most music celebrities, Pink is mourning the passing of Prince last week at age 57 pretty hard.
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Kid Rock's frantic 911 call after assistant's death
'I need a f---ing ambulance': Kid Rock blows up in frantic 911 call after finding assistant dead 9 days ago

Audio has emerged of rapper Kid Rock's desperate 911 call after discovering the dead body of his personal assistant on his Nashville estate.

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Ariana Grande has the greatest lip-sync conversation ever
Ariana Grande lip-syncs a whole conversation, proves once again she's actually really funny 9 days ago

The surprises just keep coming with Ariana Grande.

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Rachel Roy and Rita Ora both deny they're the other woman in Beyonce cheating drama 9 days ago

Since its surprise release last weekend, Beyonce's Lemonade album has received as much attention for its musical contents as for the drama behind its cheating track.

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Is Joe Jonas about to pull a Taylor Swift by slamming ex Gigi Hadid in a new break-up song? 11 days ago
Hell hath no fury like Joe Jonas scorned.
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Beyonce's 'Sorry'
'Good hair don't care': Beyonce goaded by 'the other woman' after Lemonade's cheating lyrics go viral 11 days ago

Beyonce just dropped another surprise new album, and Lemonade is already living up to the bitter in its title.

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