Kendall, Khloe, Kylie and Kim dance at Yeezy Season 3 show
Taylor Swift's brother hits back after Kanye West's sexually explicit rap about 'that b---' a day ago

Uh-oh! Kanye West has reignited his feud with Taylor Swift, whether he likes it or not.

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The songs that got away: Pop hits that started out in another superstar's reject pile 3 days ago
Once upon a time, there was a Sia song that Adele didn't want.
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Taylor Swift's difficult New Zealand 'Out of The Woods' shoot
'Bedraggled and emotional' Taylor Swift struggles behind the scenes on New Zealand video shoot 4 days ago

Taylor Swift's 'Out of The Woods' is one of her most impressive videos, but the New Zealand shoot was anything but easy.

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Madonna gets stuck in her veil onstage
Oh no, not again! Madonna suffers another embarrassing onstage wardrobe malfunction, gets stuck in veil 5 days ago
Clearly the Material Girl and large pieces of, erm, material don't mix.
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Beyonce once rejected 'awful' song written by Chris Martin, before upstaging him at Super Bowl 50 5 days ago
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Beyonce almost falls during Super Bowl routine
2016 Super Bowl Halftime Show: From Beyonce's near-fall to Coldplay's 'left shark' drummer 5 days ago

The 2016 Super Bowl Halftime Show was high on entertainment value thanks to Coldplay and special guests Beyonce and Bruno Mars.

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Beyonce stands out in Coldplay's Super Bowl Halftime show
Super Bowl Halftime show: Beyonce's dance-off with Bruno Mars outshines Coldplay 6 days ago
The 2016 Super Bowl Halftime Show promised us something huge and boy did it deliver.
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Lady Gaga sings the US National Anthem at the Super Bowl
Despite nerves, Lady Gaga's national anthem 'wins the Super Bowl' with fans 6 days ago
Lady Gaga has sung...and everyone's impressed.
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'Hello? No, f--- off': Iconic '90s rocker takes down Adele in the most colourful way 10 days ago
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Chris Martin nails Mick Jagger impression
Chris Martin's Mick Jagger impression will give you satisfaction 10 days ago

Chris Martin could make a living out of Mick Jagger impersonations if the whole Coldplay thing doesn't work out.

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