Kate Winslet won't be boycotting the Oscars
Kate Winslet won't be joining the #OscarsSoWhite boycott…and it's because of Leonardo DiCaprio 7 hours ago
Kate Winslet wouldn't miss this year's Academy Awards for the world. (Sorry, Will and Jada.)
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Rebel Wilson reveals her 'embarrassing' first acting head shot
Rebel Wilson reveals her beyond awkward first acting headshot: 'I don't know what was with my feral hair' a day ago
Before she scored her first film gig in 2003's Fat Pizza, Rebel Wilson had the worst acting headshot we've ever seen.
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Ryan Reynolds on his nude fight scene in Deadpool
Ryan Reynolds bares all about his nude Deadpool fight scene: 'It was ugly but necessary' 2 days ago
Just when we thought that nothing could top Ryan Reynolds' naked hug with Sandra Bullock in The Proposal, the actor has delivered the goods yet again with a nude fight scene.
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Super Bowl winner Lady Gaga puts the glamour in ultra-casual 2016 Oscars luncheon 2 days ago
She stunned audiences at Super Bowl 50 with her rendition of the US national anthem. And now, Lady Gaga is bringing her A-game to the Academy Awards nominees Oscars luncheon.
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Margot Robbie reveals tattoo blunder
'It's a good time to be pretty': Tina Fey burns Margot Robbie for spelling blunder on friend's tattoo 2 days ago
If you ever see Margot Robbie with her tattoo gun, run in the other direction.
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Shirtless Matt Damon brawls in the first trailer for Jason Bourne
Totally ripped Matt Damon has a shirtless punch-up in the first trailer for Jason Bourne 3 days ago

It's been nearly 10 years since we last saw Matt Damon as Jason Bourne…and he's clearly spent the entire time working out.

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Leslie Mann 'forgot' she was married during interview
Leslie Mann 'forgot she was married' during interview with hot male reporter...husband proposed 'foursome' 3 days ago

How To Be Single actress Leslie Mann has explained that interview that got her and Dakota Johnson in trouble.

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Ryan Reynolds recalls his 'horrifying' sex montage in Deadpool
Ryan Reynolds recalls filming 'horrifying' Deadpool sex marathon: 'It's rather large and grandiose' 6 days ago
Ryan Reynolds shot "a year's worth" of sex scenes in one day with The Flash actress Morena Baccarin for his new movie Deadpool.
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9RAW: Child star Jacob Tremblay ignored a huge queue to meet Leo DiCaprio
Child star Jacob Tremblay ignored a huge queue to meet Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Oh, I'm a kid, I can skip it!' 8 days ago
We can't even deal with the cuteness of child actor Jacob Tremblay's latest interview.
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Ryan Reynolds talks about Hugh Jackman
Ryan Reynolds admits he's no match for 'rival' Hugh Jackman: 'I don't circulate in those pools' 8 days ago
Ryan Reynolds knows his place.
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