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Wardrobe malfunction! Michelle Rodriguez's dress strap fail in Furious 7 fight clip
Michelle Rodriguez struggles with racy red dress in Furious 7 behind-the-scenes clip 7 hours ago
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WTF?! Oscar winner Julianne Moore fired for 'poor acting' 10 hours ago
She may have just won an Oscar, but Julianne Moore's acting abilities reportedly got her dropped from a major project.
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What Ben Mendelsohn misses most about Australia: 'You can't get a meat pie anywhere' 11 hours ago

He's one of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood, but Ben Mendelsohn definitely hasn't lost touch with his fair dinkum Aussie roots.

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Terrifying Charlize Theron head-butts a guy in most brutal Mad Max: Fury Road trailer yet 16 hours ago
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New Bond girl gushes all over 'sexy' married man Daniel Craig 2 days ago

Canoodling with Daniel Craig has been one hot and heavy experience for new Bond girl Stephanie Sigman, who'll appear in the upcoming 007 flick Spectre.

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Teaser for new Bond flick, Spectre
Mysterious or boring? New Bond trailer for Spectre gives very little away 5 days ago
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This week at the movies: Cate Blanchett plays the evil stepmother in Cinderella 6 days ago
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Cate Blanchett loses it: 'That's your f---ing question?'
Cate Blanchett blows up in awkward interview: 'That's your f---ing question?' 7 days ago

She plays the evil stepmother in the latest film remake of Cinderella, but Cate Blanchett unleashed her own fury during a squirm-worthy interview on The Project.

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Entourage trailer
Look who's kicking butt in the new Entourage trailer 7 days ago

Remind us never to get on the bad side of a certain female mixed martial artist.

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How Julia Roberts convinced Richard Gere to do Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman reunion! How Julia Roberts charmed Richard Gere into doing the movie 8 days ago

The cast of Pretty Woman has reunited to celebrate the classic rom-com's 25-year anniversary and we're only just dealing with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere breathing the same air again.

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