Margot Robbie reveals tattoo blunder
Erm, 'skwad' or 'swad'?: Margot Robbie defaced body of Suicide Squad crew member with botched tattoo 20 minutes ago
If you ever see Margot Robbie with her tattoo gun, run in the other direction.
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Shirtless Matt Damon brawls in the first trailer for Jason Bourne
Totally ripped Matt Damon has a shirtless punch-up in the first trailer for Jason Bourne 17 hours ago

It's been nearly 10 years since we last saw Matt Damon as Jason Bourne…and he's clearly spent the entire time working out.

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Leslie Mann 'forgot' she was married during interview
Leslie Mann 'forgot she was married' during interview with hot male reporter...husband proposed 'foursome' 21 hours ago

How To Be Single actress Leslie Mann has explained that interview that got her and Dakota Johnson in trouble.

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Ryan Reynolds recalls his 'horrifying' sex montage in Deadpool
Ryan Reynolds recalls filming 'horrifying' Deadpool sex marathon: 'It's rather large and grandiose' 4 days ago
Ryan Reynolds shot "a year's worth" of sex scenes in one day with The Flash actress Morena Baccarin for his new movie Deadpool.
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9RAW: Child star Jacob Tremblay ignored a huge queue to meet Leo DiCaprio
Child star Jacob Tremblay ignored a huge queue to meet Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Oh, I'm a kid, I can skip it!' 5 days ago
We can't even deal with the cuteness of child actor Jacob Tremblay's latest interview.
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Ryan Reynolds talks about Hugh Jackman
Ryan Reynolds admits he's no match for 'rival' Hugh Jackman: 'I don't circulate in those pools' 6 days ago
Ryan Reynolds knows his place.
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Kate Winslet talks 'feeling Susan Sarandon's tits' and sealing Leo DiCaprio's fate in Titanic
Kate Winslet admits Rose let Jack die in Titanic, talks about 'feeling Susan Sarandon's tits' at the SAG Awards 6 days ago
It's the question that has bothered Titanic fans for two decades: Why didn't Jack and Rose just share that floating door?!
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George and Amal Clooney's honeymoon phase continues on Hail, Caesar! premiere red carpet 7 days ago
They got hitched more than a year ago, but it looks like George and Amal Clooney are still as smitten as newlyweds.
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George Clooney tells Channing Tatum to 'stay away from my wife'
George Clooney tells Channing Tatum he's not invited to Amal's birthday: 'Stay away from my wife, man' 7 days ago

Back off, Tatum, your Magic Mike moves won't be necessary in the Clooney household.

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Dakota Johnson and Leslie Mann flirt with hot reporter
Dakota Johnson and Leslie Mann flirt outrageously with a hot reporter: 'You look like you have really big muscles' 7 days ago

Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson took what could have been just another boring film-focused interview and made it into a full-blown flirt-fest.

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