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Animal rights activists confront Kim Kardashian at book signing
Animal rights activists crash Kim Kardashian's book signing chanting 'murderer' 19 minutes ago

Kim Kardashian was taken by surprise at her Selfish book signing in New York on Wednesday when animal rights activists crashed the event and took her to task for wearing fur.

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Amber Rose plays a game of "Butt What" on US talk show The Real
Amber Rose reveals previously hidden booty talent during a game of 'Butt What' 15 hours ago

Amber Rose's booty doesn't just have the power to shock and amaze us…it's also a pretty decent speller.

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Anna Kendrick’s hilarious Shower Thoughts
Anna Kendrick's hilarious 'Shower Thoughts' musings: 'Will Ferrell and Pharrell Williams have reverse names' 17 hours ago
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EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian in tears as Kanye West gushes over Beyonce's Met dress 18 hours ago

Arriving in a custom-made Roberto Cavilli, with all its fairy-tale intricacies, it's no doubt Kim Kardashian thought she had the Met Ball best dressed in the bag.

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Serial co-stars: Actors who can't seem to stay away from each other onscreen 19 hours ago
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Naomi Watts' dorky tampon commercial from the '80s is unearthed 20 hours ago
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Leery Leo<br><br><br>
The seven types of Leo…starting with his sleazy whisper in girl's ear at Rihanna's Met party a day ago
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Rihanna has a nipple slip as Kylie Jenner flashes bra with Tyga at 2015 Met Gala after-parties a day ago
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Celebrity yo-yo dieters: Stars and the battle against fluctuating weight 2 days ago
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Diddy and Cassie's racy new ad for 3AM perfume
Are Diddy and Cassie actually having sex in racy new perfume ad? 2 days ago

This might be take method acting to the extreme!

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