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Helen Mirren's voice on helium is the greatest thing ever
Watch: Helen Mirren's voice on helium is the greatest thing ever 4 hours ago

You haven't lived until you've heard Helen Mirren say "spotted dick" while pumped up with helium.

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Sophie Monk dives with crocodile after photo controversy 5 hours ago
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Rebel Wilson: 'I may eat a lot, but I am very healthy' 6 hours ago
Forget fad diets, Rebel Wilson believes the secret to Hollywood success is not what you eat, but how strong you are.
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He did WHAT?! Russell Crowe claims Michael Jackson prank called him for years 9 hours ago

This might be the strangest thing you read all day, so brace yourselves.

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Imogen Anthony debuts flaming red hair in latest topless Instagram pics 11 hours ago
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Demi Lovato shows off bikini booty on Instagram…plus more celebs' sun-soaked selfies on vacay 13 hours ago
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Bruce Jenner's son Burt addresses Jamie Foxx's transgender joke at IHeartRadio Music Awards
Bruce Jenner's son blasts Jamie Foxx for transgender joke: 'I would've charged the stage' 13 hours ago

Add Bruce Jenner's oldest son Burt to the chorus of people who were not amused by Jamie Foxx's transgender crack at the IHeartRadio Music Awards.

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Rihanna on the Leo DiCaprio rumours: 'I just don’t have a lot of time to offer to a man' 14 hours ago
Rihanna has spoken out on her reported romance with Leonardo DiCaprio, and she insists they are not a thing.
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Mariah Carey
Why is Mariah Carey's new boyfriend kissing another woman? 15 hours ago

Uh oh. Mariah Carey might want to look away from this.

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Sophie Monk responds to backlash over selfie with severed pig's head a day ago

She's no stranger to attention-grabbing Instagram posts, but Sophie Monk probably didn't count on her latest posts causing such a fuss.

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