Shane Warne's daughter Summer: 'Liz Hurley didn't let us call her Liz'
Shane Warne's 14-year-old daughter Summer: 'Elizabeth Hurley didn't let us call her Liz' 2 days ago
Shane Warne's daughter Summer Warne doesn't sound like she was very fond of her dad's ex Elizabeth Hurley.
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Stars who freaked out over meeting their celebrity idols...and just had to ask for a selfie 2 days ago
Child actor Jacob Tremblay couldn't contain his excitement on The Ellen Show recently over meeting Leonardo DiCaprio, one of his favourite actors.
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Need some 2016 #fitspiration? Check out these shape-up celeb secrets 2 days ago

The dawning of another year is the perfect time to start working on a new you. Need some inspiration? Just look to these badass celebs who have changed their life through health and fitness. 

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The evolution of Susan Sarandon's face
TheFIX face morph: The evolution of Susan Sarandon 2 days ago
She's looking just as good, if not better, than she did 20 years ago.
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Paris Jackson reveals she's struggling with addiction, going to AA meetings 2 days ago

Michael Jackson's daughter Paris is going through a tough time, admitting that she's battling with addiction issues.

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George Clooney admits he's never hooked up with anyone over the age of 50: 'It's wrong'
George Clooney, 54, says he's never hooked up with anyone over 50: 'It's just wrong' 2 days ago
George Clooney turns 55 this April, but that doesn't mean he'd ever sleep with a woman his own age.…let alone anyone in their 50s at all.
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9RAW: James Packer caught dad dancing to Mariah Carey
James Packer caught dad dancing at Mariah Carey's Vegas concert 2 days ago
Once more, with enthusiasm please!
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JLo has a rare make-up free moment with Casper Smart for 'White Girl Rap' Dubsmash
JLo has a rare make-up free moment in bed with her boyfriend for 'White Girl Rap' Dubsmash 3 days ago
It's impossible not to watch this Jennifer Lopez Dubsmash video on repeat. We barely recognise her!
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Gwyneth Paltrow consciously breaks down her unusual relationship with ex Chris Martin: 'He's like my brother' 4 days ago
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Helen Mirren appears in Budweiser Super Bowl 50 ad
Helen Mirren scolds 'oxygen-wasting cowards' who drive drunk…while sipping a beer 4 days ago

Helen Mirren is doing her part to save lives this coming Super Bowl weekend.

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