Sexiest movie love triangle ever: Reese Witherspoon hits up Hollywood's hottest hunks in This Means War

Nov 29th, 2011
Nov 29th, 2011

Is this the hottest movie love triangle of all time?

We can't think of a better movie threesome than this: Reese Witherspoon, Inception and Warrior British hunk Tom Hardy, and Star Trek blue-eyed pretty-boy Chris Pine fighting each other in and out of the bedroom in next year's raunchy action comedy, This Means War (watch the trailer above).

Hardy and Pine play two spies dating the same woman (Witherspoon), so what do they do? Hijack each other's chances using every weapon at their disposal, of course.

It's a change of pace for Reese, better known for light rom-coms and the occasional Oscar-worthy dramatic turn, so it's fun to see her kick some butt in this Mr and Mrs Smith-style romp.

Directed by McG, of Charlie's Angels and Terminator Salvation fame, This Means War is out February 16, 2012.

If you had the choice between Tom Hardy or Chris Pine, who'd you choose? Tell us in the comments form below!

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