Worst movie ever? Hugh Jackman's 'chin-testicles' exposed in massive flop Movie 43

Jan 30th, 2013
Worst movie ever? Hugh Jackman's 'chin-testicles' exposed in massive flop <i>Movie 43</i>
Jan 30th, 2013

In the world of gross-out comedies, there have been plenty of hits and misses over the years. American Pie? Hit. Movie 43? That's a big miss.

Fans of Hugh Jackman need only make it through the first routine to see the Les Mis star reveal a rather disturbing male appendage attached to the underside of his chin - check it out below. It's all downhill from there.

The film, by Shallow Hal director Peter Farrelly, features a series of interwoven short stories involving shock-value gags and big-name celebrities.

Critics have taken no time at all to voice their scathing thoughts. Film review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes lists 50 reviews of the "comedy". Just two of these are "fresh", or positive. That gives it an overall approval rating of just four percent. Yowsers.

South Park did it first anyway. And you don't want to know what happens to Halle Berry's turkey baster.

Chicago Sun-Times critic Richard Roeper described the film as "The Citizen Kane of awful", while Los Angeles Times ' Sheri Linden poses this question: "How many directors does it take to screw in a star-studded piece of aggressive stupidity and call it a movie? An even dozen, and there is no punch line".

On the other end of the scale, Washington Post's Michael O'Sullivan offers one of the sole voices of positivity in a sea of grim verdicts.

"Movie 43 is a near masterpiece of tastelessness," he wrote. "The anthology of 12 short, interconnected skits elevates the art form of gross-out comedy to a new height."

It goes to show, even "tastelessness" is an acquired taste. Movie 43 opens in Australia on February 7. Check out the trailer, if you’re not easily offended.


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