My Kitchen Rules 'socialites' Ash and Camilla are this year's Chloe and Kelly

Feb 2nd, 2015
Ash and Camilla's brutally honest barbs on MKR
'Victorian socialites' gave a dose of perhaps too much honesty on the first episode of My Kitchen Rules for 2015.
Feb 2nd, 2015

Step up to the podium, "Victorian socialites" Ash and Camilla: My Kitchen Rules has crowned its new villains for 2015.

The self-described "food snobs" rubbed viewers and fellow contestants up the wrong way with their OTT declarations of superiority on last night's premiere. The line "we can smoke our own salmon" is going to be hard to top — watch their cattiest moments above.

The ladies, who profess to mingle with celebrities at the races and polo, drew comparisons on social media to last year's ultra-confident Chloe and Kelly, who were similarly pitched as "well-travelled friends". Hmm, we're seeing a formula here.

"Oh god. Ash and Camilla are just like Chloe and Kelly. Kmn #MKR," wrote one fan on Twitter.

Another compared the Melburnians to Mean Girls' queen bees: "Ash and camilla? or Regina George and Gretchen Weiner? #mkr #MeanGirls."

But not everyone is automatically hating on the outspoken contestants.

"Yessss ash and camilla are going to be a team of like two Laurinas from the bachelor I'm so excited #mkr," one viewer tweeted.

They may have provided the fire on episode one, but it was Mt Isa cousins Jac and Shaz who came under fire for their underwhelming dishes.

The pair's instant restaurant earned them a meagre total of 59 points. Next time they might want to smoke their own salmon...

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