Whitney Houston was planning a reality show before she died

Feb 24th, 2012
Whitney Houston was planning a reality show before she died
Feb 24th, 2012

If Whitney Houston had lived, she might have returned to the small screen in a reality show with her final boyfriend, Ray J — aka the guy who did that sex tape with Kim Kardashian.

Those close to Whitney don't have a high opinion of Ray J, who's a wannabe recording artist, former reality TV star, and little brother of R&B singer Brandy. According to the Daily Beast, sources inside Team Houston reckon Ray J was "using her like many people did, to get a [reality TV] deal".

Ray J's publicity confirmed he and Whitney had been pitching a reality show to networks using a "sizzle reel" — which is basically an extended trailer — featuring "footage of the two of them together".

It's unclear whether Ray J still has reality TV hopes since Whitney's death on February 11.

In 2005 Whitney starred in the reality show/trainwreck Being Bobby Brown with her then-husband, though she (wisely) refused to appear in a second season or permit the show to be released on DVD.


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