Watch: Aussie One Direction fans flash crude signs on live TV

Apr 11th, 2012
Aussie One Direction fans flash crude signs on live TV
Apr 11th, 2012

Look out, Australia, One Direction fans aren't just offending your ears with their deafening crazy-girl screams, they're also offending breakfast TV viewers with crass messages scrawled on cardboard signs!

Hundreds of hot-blooded 'Directioners' packed into Sydney's Martin Place early this morning to catch a glimpse of their idols as the UK fivesome arrived to perform on Sunrise.

But while Channel 7 producers were super-careful about crowd control and ensuring the safety of the young fans, they might have wanted to pay a little more attention to some of the banners waving around in the background of their broadcast.

Gone are the days of sobbing teenage girls holding up innocent "Marry me!" signs. This morning, the crush-worthy boy band was greeted by handmade banners bearing such unabashed declarations as:

"Do me in more than one direction!"
"I'll give you one erection!"
"Point your erection in my direction!"
"1D get naked!"
"Do me Harry!"
"Harry: P---y ↓"

Fan signs outside Channel 9's TODAY studio (where the band appeared next) were only slightly less scandalous.

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