Watch: Lady Gaga pashes Marge on The Simpsons

May 22nd, 2012
Lady Gaga making out with Marge
May 22nd, 2012

Lady Gaga is known for blurring the boundaries, and it seems even in cartoon form she remains the provocateur.

The singer’s high-profile guest appearance on the season finale of The Simpsons ‘Lisa Goes Gaga’ sees Mother Monster locking lips with Marge Simpson in an attempt to boost Marge’s confidence in parenting.

The episode features the pop phenomena coming to Springfield to raise the town’s self-esteem and remind them that being different is often way cooler than being cool.

Gaga revealed she was nervous about her experience recording the voice-over for the show.

“Sometimes it was very endearing and other times they [The Simpsons cast and crew] were making fun of me and I’m making fun of everybody else. It’s sort of what I do as a performer,” she said in a behind-the-scenes promo.

“I think I was more nervous than I’ve ever been. Because I have so much respect for them I just wanted to do a good job.”

We think getting to make out with one of the main characters means you done good Gaga.



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