'I look like a crim but I'll never cut them off!': Big Brother evictee George loves his dreads

Sep 24th, 2012
'I look like a crim but I'll never cut them off!': <i>Big Brother</i> evictee George loves his dreads
Sep 24th, 2012

When George entered the Big Brother house with a secret, the girls thought the dreadlocked housemate was a juvenile offender, not a millionaire property tycoon.

"It makes me look like a crim," the recent evictee said of his hairstyle when he spoke to TheFIX.

Now he knows what people think when they first meet him, does that mean George will ditch the 'do?

"Never! The day I'll cut it off is when I get married and I'm settled down and having kids and I can start getting fat and lazy," George said.

The first thing George did when he the left the house was ring his ex Krystelle and tell her how much he missed her — even after spending a lot of time in the house getting close to Layla.

"Layla and I, we just had a bit of fun... We were more attracted to each other than our personalities," he said.

Layla was worried he was "just using her" in the house, a claim George was quick to shoot down.

"Definitely not. I told her from the start what was happening, I can't see how she could take it the wrong way, because she knew how I felt about Krystelle and it was just a bit of fun. She definitely wasn't getting used, no way, I respect any girl way too much to do that," he said.

George told us he found his "feminine side" during his time in the Big Brother house.

You don't say.

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