Hacked again! Miley Cyrus goes x-rated

Feb 17th, 2009
Feb 17th, 2009

Either Miley Cyrus has decided to ditch the good-girl pretensions forever, or the teen star's Twitter account has been hacked.

Messages containing a large amount of spelling mistakes and profanity, including the incorrect spelling of Miley's own name, began appearing on Hannah Montana star's Twitter feed yesterday, immediately rousing suspicion in her fans.

"I just wanted to let yall know I am so fabulous n soon i will be POSING FOR PLAYBOY!", one of the fake messages read.

A string of increasingly weird updates followed, ranging from the almost plausible: "Demi Lovato wears hair extensions!"

To the hilarious: "And I lip sinc Lalala!"

And the downright rude: "Me n Mandy have sex n Hannah Montanna wigs"

The Twitter account was suspended less than an hour later, and although Miley's people are yet to confirm the details, this is most definitely the work of a hacker. The incident follows a similar break-in to Britney Spears' Twitter account last month, and unless the 16-year-old singer decided to stuff her whole future career, she's simply not that silly.

The same can't be said for Miley's hacker though — if past attacks are any indication, he or she could be looking at serious trouble for this!

Meanwhile fellow singer Lily Allen has kept control of her Twitter account, only to use it to wage war against chubby celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

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