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Vanessa Amorosi: "Bring on the lesbian rumours!"

Nov 30th, 2009
Nov 30th, 2009

Unless you've just emerged from a long stint in a cave you've definitely heard Vanessa Amorosi's hit single 'This Is Who I Am', which topped the ARIA chart for two consecutive weeks — a feat no Australian artist has managed since Silverchair released 'Straight Lines'.

You also might have heard that the song is Vanessa's way of coming out and declaring she's a lesbian... but what does she have to say about the rumour?

"I don't want to burst anyone's bubble, but the song is not really about that," she laughs. "Bring on the rumours. I love it. It's a positive message."

Vanessa, who's now 28, says that if she was a lesbian she'd say so on her new album Hazardous, because it reveals all the unseen aspects of her personality.

"It's about the struggle I had with accepting with being different and individual," she told MusicFIX. "It's very truthful. It's about the stuff I've never had the guts to talk about before. I hope people embrace it!"

The public has definitely embraced Vanessa's raunchy new image: in addition to going glam in Hazardous's cover book, she rocked up to November's ARIA Awards looking absolutely stunning.

"In the past I always wanted to cover up and not show any sex appeal, and let the music speak for itself," she says. "But now I want to do it. Now that I'm not getting told to be sexy, I want to be sexy."



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