Courtney Love settles Nirvana lawsuit

Aug 18th, 2010
Courtney Love
Aug 18th, 2010

Courtney Love just can't seem to shake the legacy of Nirvana after being forced to settle a legal battle over the Nirvana publishing catalogue.

Love's former business manager was suing the Hole frontwoman for allegedly failing to fork out profits from the sale of Kurt Cobain's songs.

When Love sold off Nirvana's publishing rights she had inherited after Cobain's death for $19.5 million two years ago, her former management sued, suggesting she never coughed up the $975,000 owed to them.

Her lawyer James Janowitz confirmed the singer and LA-based London & Co had reached an agreement and the case was dismissed in court.

"There was an arbitration with London & Co., her former business manager. It was settled," Janowitz told E! News.


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