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Is Katy Perry copying Gaga's mermaid idea?

Jul 13th, 2011
Jul 13th, 2011

Lady Gaga fans are shooting boob cannons of fury at Katy Perry after she tweeted a pic of herself 'planking' dressed as a mermaid. You see, Gaga's next video is going to be mermaid-themed.

There's no love lost between the crazily-dressed pop divas - Katy hates Gaga because she uses Catholic imagery in vain, and Gaga clearly doesn't give a crap what Katy thinks.

Now Gaga fans have launched a #KATYCOPYGAGA Twitter hashtag thanks to Katy's planking pic, following Gaga's announcement that her next music video will feature "Yuyi The Mermaid", described on her Twitter account as "a reincarnation of my birth and artistic spirit. In incubation, awaiting a human lover to save her."

We dunno, Gaga's habit of wearing a different costume every five minutes doesn't really leave a lot of concepts in the idea pool for the rest of the pop pack.

Do you think Katy should ditch her aquatic new direction?

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