Wardrobe malfunction: Mariah Carey's nipple says hello on stage

Feb 26th, 2013
Wardrobe malfunction: Mariah Carey's nipple says hello on stage
This is someone's sweet, sweet fantasy, baby.
Feb 26th, 2013

Whoops. It's the curse of Mariah Carey's curvy figure, but she accidentally revealed a little too much of her ample cleavage at record label So So Def's 20th anniversary concert at the weekend.

Mariah shared the stage with long-time collaborator Jermaine Dupri (who runs So So Def), as well as Jay-Z, Usher and other rap and R'n'B stars at a sold-out Fox Theatre in Atlanta.

While waving to the audience and presenting Jermaine with a three-tiered cake at the climax of the show, Mariah's left breast managed to wriggle out from under the white leather bodice she wore.

Naturally, snapping cameras captured the moment. We're not sure what's sweeter — the cake or this perfectly-timed snap!

Mariah has worked with Jermaine on several tracks including the 2006 Grammy Award winner, 'We Belong Together'.

Mariah's no stranger to over-sharing. She and her hubby recently posted snaps of their romantic Valentine's Day, including a shot of Mariah in the bathtub with her dog! Check out the video below.


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