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EXCLUSIVE! $900 drinking straws, carved ice-balls and green food only: Bey's crazy tour demands

Apr 30th, 2013
Fierce Beyonce
Apr 30th, 2013

We have a new runner for most demanding tour diva! Step forward Beyoncé Knowles.

It appears Bey has gone all cray when it comes to rider demands on the current Mrs Carter Show World Tour.

An insider tells The FIX how the star insists her crew, from drivers to set riggers, wear only 100 percent pure cotton.

Well, she can't have her allergies flaring up, can she?!

But it doesn’t end there: the 'Single Ladies' singer forked out $900 for titanium straws, which will be used to drink a special alkaline water that's served at exactly 21 degrees.

And to rival Mariah and Madonna, our secret insider revealed that Bey has requested plain off-white walls in her dressing rooms, with a new toilet seat at every event, and red toilet paper.

Oh and there’s also the hand-carved ice-ball to suck after every performance to cool her throat. Naturally!

And to keep in shape, the 31-year-old songstress has called for all junk food to be banned, replaced with glass platters of almonds, oatcakes and green-only crudités.

Also, two hours before she hits the stage, "she's extremely regimented and is taking everything extremely seriously, so she expects her list of demands to be adhered too and every detail be taken in," says our tour source.

“Working so hard and with the toll the travel takes on her body in addition to the intense shows, she feels that her requests aren't too much to ask for as she wants to ensure everything goes to plan."

Beyoncé will hit Aussie shores later this year.


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