Too sexy: J.Lo blasted for 'inappropriate' Britain's Got Talent performance

May 29th, 2013
Too sexy: J.Lo blasted for 'inappropriate' <i>Britain's Got Talent</i> performance
May 29th, 2013

Newsflash: Jennifer Lopez did something sexy. Altogether now: Whooooooa!

Let's put it in context: the 43-year-old diva caused an uproar among Britain's Got Talent viewers by thrusting vigorously, showing her butt cheeks and doing suggestive scissor legs — all on a family show. Watch the footage above and decide for yourself!

Performing her new single 'Live it Up' on Tuesday night, Jen wore a black leotard and studded Pretty Woman-style boots while busting out the raunchy routine with her male dancers.

The Twittersphere exploded with some viewers calling the performance "inappropriate".

"Wtf is Jennifer Lopez wearing? BGT is a family show love ... what a dirt bag?!!!" tweeted one disgruntled viewer.

"Hell the lyrics in Jennifer Lopez's song are quite sexual for a family show ... (Give you a hot night, so tight, ready to blow) #BGT," another complained.

"Watching Jennifer Lopez was almost porn!" posted another over-reacter show fan.

It got to the point where "Jennifer Lopez camel toe" and "shiny crotch" started trending on Twitter. Yikes! UK TV watchdog Ofcom was swamped with viewer complaints which they're "assessing but not currently investigating", a spokesperson confirmed.

A Britain's Got Talent rep defended J.Lo to Mail Online: "We do not believe that Jennifer Lopez's performance would have exceeded the expectations of the vast majority of the audience for this long-established entertainment program".

Notorious sleazebag ladies' man Simon Cowell didn't seem to mind J.Lo's performance either.

"Seriously, JLo. If anyone wants to know how you do it. That's how you do it," Simon said on the show. "Seriously world class."

Can we just mention how awesome J.Lo's body looks? Luckily the BGT viewers didn't see her almost nude recently on the set of her new video:

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