EXCLUSIVE: Robin Thicke planned to scrap 'sleazy' Blurred Lines video until his wife begged him to 'put it out there'

Jun 19th, 2013
Robin Thicke
Getting up, close and personal!
Jun 19th, 2013

There's no doubt Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' music video has drummed up some serious controversy – slammed for objectifying women, banned from YouTube and criticised the world over. A serious case of you either love it or hate it!

But TheFIX caught up with Robin, after his appearance on The Voice finale (check his performance below), who admitted the vid, featuring a bevie of beautiful women dancing naked with him, Pharrell Williams and T.I (who are all in suits) was nearly scrapped.

In a telling interview, the singer-songwriter admits that he was unsure about the music video…but it was his wife, actress Paula Patton who talked him into it. Err, that's one understanding wife!

"I just wanted to do a very funny silly video and I felt like the song was a lot of fun so I wanted the video to be like Benny Hill or something," says Robin. "So, when I told the video director about this she said, why don't we get the girls' to take their clothes off?

"I was like, well let's make sure we shoot two versions because it might end up being sleazy or something. Even after we finished shooting, I watched the naked version and I was like, I don't think we need this, the clothes version is cool. Maybe we shouldn't release this. Then I showed it to my wife and her friends and they all liked it and were like, you got to put this out."

In fact, Robin's wife dubbed it "sh*t hot"….birthing one of the most controversial music videos since Madonna's 'Like A Prayer'.

Speaking about Paula, who he met when they were in their teens, he adds, "She's the coolest chick anyone will ever know. She's the best."

Well, she lets you dance around with naked girls! But there was one thing TheFIX was desperate to know, why didn't he strip down for the video? It's only fair, right?

"Nobody wants to see me with my clothes off right now, a few years ago maybe," he laughs. "And I have no idea what to do with the next video, how do you top Blurred Lines? Maybe everyone has to be naked? That'll go over well."

Over the years, Robin, 36, has written music for a string of heavyweight performers, including Christina Aguilera, Usher and Jennifer Hudson. So who's next?

"I'd love to do something with Kanye and Jack White," he says. "I've just downloaded the new Kanye album and I don't even know what it is yet…it's electric. It's offensive, embracive, unpredictable. Dream scenario, Kanye, Jack White and myself…that's got Grammy performance written all over it."

In the buff? We'll keep our eyes peeled for that pants-off performance!

Robin Thicke's new album Blurred Lines will be out on July 12.




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