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Courtney Love mouths off at Miley's 'crap' looks and 'sad' Katy Perry

Oct 23rd, 2013
Courtney Love mouths off at Miley's 'crap' looks and 'sad' Katy Perry
Courtney v Katy and Miley.
Oct 23rd, 2013

There's clearly no love lost between rocker Courtney Love and pop stars Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry.

The former Hole frontwoman, known for speaking her mind, has mouthed off at the 'Wrecking Ball' and 'Roar' hit-makers in an interview with US website Fashionista.

According to Courtney, Miley's got a "crap stylist" and Katy's career is "sad". Claws out!

However, Courtney did like how Miley gave her "endless laughs at the VMAs. The Harajuku Japanese girl little bear suit was cute". "Cute" is quite the compliment compared to what others have called Miley...

As for Katy, well, Courtney thinks she "lives out her insane fantasies and kids love it", but finds her "boring". "I liked Katy when she was in a black shag and the shy girl on [producer] Glen Ballard's arm at events," Courtney said. "She was damaged goods by the time she got to Capitol [Records]."

Courtney's referring to Katy's signing by Capitol in 2007 after being dropped by numerous labels. But that's where Courtney's sympathy for Katy ends.

"She really worked for it: 'It' being a career I find so boring it's sort of sad, but what she wears is cute and in her own universe," Courtney added.

Courtney is currently writing her autobiography, due out in early 2014. Somehow we don't think Miley and Katy will be rushing out to buy a copy ...

Meanwhile, Miley stunned everyone this week by actually looking classy at a red-carpet event. View below:

Do you agree with Courtney? Judge Miley and Katy's 2013 MTV Video Music Awards looks here ...


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