Robert Pattinson underpants, what will they think of next?

Oct 28th, 2009
Oct 28th, 2009

First he was a doll, then he was a dildo, now he's a pair of jocks. R-Pattz mania is showing no signs of slowing down. Next he'll be a shoe horn.

Twilight spunk Robert Pattinsons lends his popular mug to these rather unofficial looking underpants. The grundies even include the added bonus of an inside crotch lined with Rob's/Edward's vampire mouth. Creepy nice touch!

Twihards will no doubt be getting their non-R-Pattz knickers in a knot right now over where to buy these things, but according to fashion site Coco Perez the undies are not likely to be mass produced.

Hardcore Twilophiles will just have to hop on mum's sewing machine and try to make their own.

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