Katie Price is making her new hubby get plastic surgery

Feb 14th, 2010
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Feb 14th, 2010

When Katie Price picked Alex Reid to be her new co-star husband she must have been looking for a fixer-upper, because the poor bloke's going to be honeymooning under the plastic surgeon's knife.

Just days after the pair tied the knot in a surprise Vegas wedding, Katie's given her cagefighting man a list of cosmetic procedures he'll need to have done before their second wedding — the one that will appear in all the magazines. And he's too afraid of her to say no!

"Alex's nose has been broken about 20 times because of the fighting. But she doesn't like it that way," a friend tells News Of The World.

"And she's been making him paranoid about his ears. They've been bitten many times and she says they should be pinned back or, ideally, reconstructed.

"She also wants him to have Botox with her when they're in LA next."

Alex's loved ones are shocked by how easily he's given in to Katie's demands. "He's always been against cosmetic surgery," says his friend. "Apart from boob jobs on girls, which he loves!" Well, yeah.

"He has always been a mummy's boy - and so the women in his life can overpower him. Katie takes control of every aspect of his life," adds the friend.



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