Lady Gaga's high school pics

Feb 23rd, 2009
Feb 23rd, 2009

We’ve already uncovered Lady Gaga’s previous incarnation — as a brunette club singer called Stefania Germanotta, but now an even earlier picture of the singer’s early life has emerged — from the pages of her old high school year book.

Perez Hilton has dug up these photos of the 22-year-old pop sensation back when she was a fresh-faced New York high school student.

(Images: Perez Hilton)

It turns out Gaga’s been a blonde since way back when (the brown hair must have been a passing phase), her original name was Stefani Germanotta (not Stephania), and she was an absolute stunner as a teenager (she still is, really).

In the page’s text, which looks like it’s been written for a high school reunion, Stefani is described as “separated at birth” from Britney Spears(!), and she lists her pet peeve as “ordinary people”. It also says she didn’t come to the reunion because she had an audition, so she must’ve been well on her way to stardom whenever these pics were published.

Left: Lady Gaga now. Centre and right: Before she was famous. (Images: Snapper Media)

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