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Hannah Montana doll swears like a sailor

Dec 4th, 2009
Dec 4th, 2009

A woman in the United States has removed the batteries from her 3-year-old's talking Hannah Montana doll because she claims it taught her daughter to swear.

Concerned mum Brandy Westberry says her little girl has been wandering around dropping f-bombs ever since she received the toy as an early Christmas present.

According to Brandy, the doll blurts out, "Later we'll have some f**king pie and do some carolling," but manufacturers insist the mini-Miley is just saying, "Later we'll have some pumpkin pie and do some carolling."

It's pretty obvious Brandy is either half deaf or just wanted her 15 minutes of fame on the local news. Or maybe she's fixin' to get her little girl onto the pageant scene.

Either way, it's worth watching the news report just to see this woman's teeth. Bring on universal dental care in the States!



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