Drunk Paris and her g-string

Feb 15th, 2010
Images: Snapper
Feb 15th, 2010

We were getting kinda bored with Paris Hilton, what with the lack of sex tapes and drunken antics of late. So it's pretty awesome that, when promoting a beer brand in Brazil, she got right into the spirit of things and seemingly sampled a large portion of the product herself.

In town for a pre-Carnivale party, Paris was spruiking Devassa beer and decided to take her spokeswoman role up a notch... by dancing wildly onstage, throwing her head around and baring her g-string to the world through her very short, tight and see-through frock.

Peek-a-boo: Paris gives Brazilian media an eyeful

It's the Paris we know and love - welcome back!

Wasted Festive: Paris strikes an elegant figure at the Devassa beer-sponsored event


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