Sophie Monk: This lil piggie went to market,and this lil piggie... well????! #NTAustralia #outbackfloatplanes @ausoutbackNT
sophiemonk "This lil piggie went to market,and this lil piggie... well????! #NTAustralia #outbackfloatplanes @ausoutbackNT"

Paris Hilton: Back to being a girl-pashing drunk

Jul 28th, 2010
Images: BIG Australia
Jul 28th, 2010

We were worried that serial pasher and champers-sculler Paris Hilton had cleaned up her act of late.

Not to worry - after reports of being busted for weed possession and general drunkenness, she was in fine form in St. Tropez last week, where she and sister Nicky hosted a party at Papagayo nightclub - and really got into the hospitality side of things.

Fancy a drink? Paris (in white) is hoisted above the crowd wielding a champagne bottle

Pictured grinding up against a man and openly pashing a female patron, Paris swigged from champagne bottles and laughed with delight as Cristal showered the party crowd.

Apparently her ex Doug Reinhardt was partying on the other side of the club - no word on whether this fuelled her boozing though.

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Golden shower: Paris and co. are drenched in champagne


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