Wet n' wild: Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian's sexy photo shoot

Aug 11th, 2010
Aug 11th, 2010

Remember when Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian were snapped cavorting in the water together for a photo shoot? Well, here's the pics.

Cute: Bieber is snapped taking pics of his dream girl (Image: Elle Magazine)

The sexy shots guaranteed to make many Bieber Fever sufferers want to jump out a window were published in the latest edition of US Elle magazine - depicting the teen dream and his foxy celeb crush in all manner of cougar-iffic set-ups.

Emerging dripping form the beach, absorbed by their social networking devices, working out... there's no doubt Justin and Kim make a photogenic couple - even if their age gap (he's 16, she's 29) looks a bit illegal!

The pic that got tongues wagging: Kim and Bieber muck around during the photo shoot in the Bahamas (Image: Snapper)

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