Prince William rumoured to be engaged - again

Aug 21st, 2010
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Aug 21st, 2010

A cousin of Prince Charles says that Prince William and his long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton are engaged and will marry next year.

Prince Julius Eduard von Anhalt, the Duke of Saxony made the claim, telling a German magazine he had been invited to the ceremony.

"Kate issued William with an ultimatum, either we marry, or we break up. There are obviously no more objections from the public, so the engagement is set for this autumn. The wedding is set for July," he claimed.

There has been intense speculation the young couple would announce their engagement this year.

But a royal source close to Prince William has rejected the story. "This gentleman does not know what he is talking about. Prince William has probably not even heard of him. The engagement is still an 'if' not a 'when'."


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