Skanky? 17-year-old Taylor Momsen's gun-toting mag cover

Oct 13th, 2010
Image: Revolver
Oct 13th, 2010

The magazine is called Revolver and she's holding a couple of guns... and that's pretty much where the appropriateness of this image ends.

While Miley Cyrus cops flack all the time for her underage skin-bearing antics, somehow Taylor Momsen and her skimpy threads often manage to fly under the radar. Maybe because the stuff that comes out of her mouth is so much more shocking!

The clothes-shy, too-cool-for-school teen poses on the cover of next month's Revolver magazine in her undies, heels, stockings and not a lot else.

Age appropriate? Well, skanky clothing aside, technically she shouldn't even be allowed to lay her hands on those guns before the age of 21 according to US law.

Do you think Taylor looks ok, or should Ma and Pa Momsen take her shopping for some jeans and t-shirts?


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