Ryan Gosling reckons he's "not that good looking"

Oct 4th, 2011
Ryan Gosling reckons he's
Not hot? Someone should show Ryan Gosling this pic
Oct 4th, 2011

…maybe he doesn't have a mirror?

Ryan Gosling has played down his manly good looks, saying he thinks he looks strange rather than hot.

Hmmm....gotta say we disagree on this one.

The Crazy Stupid Love actor told reporters recently: "I'm not that good looking. I think I'm a pretty weird-looking guy."

Huh? Weird-looking? Has the man got bad eye sight? Or maybe he just doesn't want to come across as a big-headed celeb...

The 30-year-old actor went on to back up his self-depricating claims, saying: "Every role I got up until The Notebook [in 2004] was the weirdo, freak, psychopath, nerd, outsider character guy. I think things have changed.

Uh….yeah. And maybe your face has changed, too. For the better.

What do you think? Is Ryan totally delusional about his looks? Have a vote!


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