Kris Humphries ‘wants out of filming’ with the Kardashians

Oct 26th, 2011
Kris Humphries ‘wants out of filming’ with the Kardashians
Kris Humphries: totally over the cameras
Oct 26th, 2011

If Kris Humphries doesn't want to be filmed anymore, how will he ever see his wife, Kim Kardashian?

The woman lives her life in front of cameras!

An insider has told that Kris Humphries is ready to rebel against Kim's reality TV show lifestyle, unless he is offered more money.

"Kris wants out of filming," the source told Perez.

"They've (Kim and Kris) had no time without a camera. He knows he signed up for this, but I think it's weighed on him. Kris makes only about $20,000 per episode. He wants more to make it worthwhile!"

Ouch! This sounds like a harsh case of money versus love to us!

Kris' rebellion is the latest in a bunch of reports that suggest he and Kim's marriage may be on the rocks after only two months. With Kim upset about her husband's 'single man' partying ways, and Kris refusing to be filmed, we're not sure where the newlyweds are heading!

Time out, perhaps?




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