Miranda Kerr buys Orlando Bloom silk boxers to 'help' in the bedroom

Nov 30th, 2011
Miranda Kerr buys Orlando Bloom silk boxers to 'help' in the bedroom
Rrreow! Miranda and Orlando get sexy with silk!
Nov 30th, 2011

If Orlando Bloom needs bedroom assistance with his supermodel wife, where does that leave the average man?

Miranda Kerr has revealed she buys her man special silk boxer shorts to 'get him into character' while doing the deed, claiming it 'helps' the couple's bedroom experience.

In an interview The Chelsea Late Show, host Chelsea Handler reminisced with the supermodel about an interview she did with Orlando a few weeks ago, when he confessed on air to wearing blue silk boxers.

Miranda confirmed her hubby's bedroom attire, saying: "Well he had to get into character so I bought him these silk boxer shorts and it kind of helped."

Clearly surprised, Chelsea replied: "Character for what?", to which Miranda blushed and said: "For, you know, us. I don't want to tell you what he bought me."

Err, given the sexy standards here (silk boxers- what the?), we don't think anything Miranda could reveal would shock us all that much….unless, that is, she's a woman who likes to take charge!


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