Miley Cyrus had her boobs ‘done’, according to experts

Dec 13th, 2011
Miley Cyrus had her boobs ‘done’, according to experts
Dec 13th, 2011

Three separate cosmetic surgery experts have told Star Magazine that Miley Cyrus's boobs are fake.

The mag spoke to the experts after Miley, 19, appeared at the CNN Heros 2011 award in LA recently, sporting a very large, pert-looking bust.

Dr Tahl Humes, a cosmetic physician from Vitahl Medical Aesthetics in Colorado said: "If you look at the volume, it appears she had a breast augmentation… She might have had small implants, which is nice, because she is a small girl with a small frame."

Then there's Micahel Niccole (qualification unknown) of Cosmeticare in Orange County, who claims the star has "undergone breast enhancement surgery."

And last but not least, the big-gun, certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Brian Glaat from New Jersey, said Miley "does indeed appear to have had a breast augmentation", adding: "The outline of the implants are clearly visible in the lower portions of her breasts"

Now, we're not going to dismiss the claims of those in the know, but the girl is 19, and 19-year-old's are generally pretty lucky when it comes to having well-formed, perky breasts.

What do you think? Has Miley had surgery on her boobs? Or is she just a naturally blessed teenager in the bust department? Have a vote below!


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