Kerry Katona calls police on lesbian stalker

Dec 11th, 2011
Kerry Katona calls police on lesbian stalker
Dec 11th, 2011

Kerry Katona's been targeted by a creepy stalker for the second time in her 'career'.

Two years ago the reality TV star had the pleasure of dealing with an obsessive fan who rocked up at her house without warning.

And now she's been spied on getting dressed.

Kerry told the Mirror she called the cops after a woman called her manager to admit she'd been watching Kerry get dressed through her bedroom window.

"I was getting dressed and there was a phone call to [my manager] Max's company from this lady, saying she'd been watching me getting changed," she said, admitting: "I panicked and called the police."

Kerry also revealed that the 'American lady' has been harassing her for weeks, and that with four kids and a big house, she has "to take this sort of thing seriously."

"I'm finally getting my life back on track and nothing is going to stand in my way," she said.

The reality TV star's manager told the Mail Online that the woman is "a lesbian who claims that she and Kerry are destined to be together, she wants to meet her, she thinks she can help her."


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