Kim Kardashian’s freaky Irish look-alike (who’s hotter?)

Jan 26th, 2012
Kim Kardashian’s freaky Irish look-alike (who’s hotter?)
Jan 26th, 2012

Think one Kim Kardashian is more than enough? Well, think again…

No, Kim doesn't have a twin (OMG, just imagine!), and no, she's not having a baby.

But yes, the reality star does have an insanely creepy look-alike, who comes in the form of an Irish (half Greek) glamour model!

We're sure Kim must know about her crazy doppleganger, Georgia Salpa, but we're willing to bet she's done her best to hide it. After all, Georgia has the advantage of youth (she's 26 as opposed to Kim's 31 years), and, well, she's certainly gives Kim a run for her money in the looks department!

This pic of Ireland's premiere glamour puss was taken in London yesterday and we reckon it's so creepily Kim-like that Georgia should apply for a job as the TV star's double...y' know, for when Kim's so incredibly traumatised by her 72-day marriage coming to an end that she can't bear to smile in public and desperately needs someone to take on the role.

Do you guys think Georgia's hotter than Kim? Or does the original Kardashian keep the krown? Have a vote below.


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