'Desperate' Demi Moore 'tracked down' Zac Efron

Feb 1st, 2012
'Desperate' Demi Moore 'tracked down' Zac Efron
Zac Efron: Demi's young crush?
Feb 1st, 2012

While Demi Moore recovers in hospital after last week's drug-induced meltdown, stories about her tragic demise just keep on rolling in.

The latest yarn comes from Us Magazine, who claims that the 49-year-old can't cope with the fact that she's ageing, and is hanging out with kids half her age to make herself feel young again.

Notably, one of those kids is said to be Zac Efron. A source told the mag that Zac is one of Demi's 'favourite young stars' to party with, and that the hospital-bound star even "tracked down" her 24-year-old crush at a High School Musical party a while back.

We thought Demi's soon-to-be ex-hubby, 33-year-old Ashton Kutcher, was enough 'boy' to be a 'toy,' but according to this latest report, the younger the better !

Meanwhile, a source has told People magazine that Demi is totally "embarrassed" about her very public collapse, saying: "Ego-wise, this is the worst thing that could happen…because she's such a private person."

Thankfully, the source also claims that Demi's faith in Kabbalah will help guide her.

"[This] can be an opportunity…not a curse. The right intervention happened in her life. From a spiritual sense, it is a gift."


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