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Sharon Osbourne: Dannii Minogue joined X Factor to have sex with Simon Cowell

Apr 18th, 2012
Sharon Osbourne: Dannii Minogue joined <i>X Factor</i> to have sex with Simon Cowell
He's a great guy, but ... oh, to hell with it.
Apr 18th, 2012

Former X Factor UK judge Sharon Osbourne has made explosive new claims about the Dannii Minogue-Simon Cowell affair.

The secret relationship was allegedly leaked by Simon in a new, unauthorised book called Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell.

Sharon, who left X Factor after a feud with Minogue, claimed that Dannii only wanted to be on the show to 'f--- Simon'.

"Dannii wanted to be the mistress of Simon — and the mistress of X Factor," she told The Mirror.

"But I didn't leave the show because Simon and Dannii were f------, I left because she became unbearable. She started bossing everyone around, even the producers."

Sharon added that Dannii and Simon's romance "wasn't a secret", and found it bemusing that it was kept private, as Cowell had already split from girlfriend of six years, UK TV presenter Terri Seymour.

As if we needed any more proof that Simon is a potential love rat, Sharon alleged that the 52-year-old mega-rich TV producer dated three girls at once, one of them being former fiancée Mezhgan Hussainy, the other two being former Make Me A Supermodel contestant Jasmine Lennard and make-up artist Julia Carta.

While Sharon insisted the new tell-all book is "none of my business", she is annoyed about being "dragged into [Simon's] little world of debauchery" long after her exit from X Factor.

Sounds like war to us. Oh, by the way, Sharon also said that Simon has a small penis. Yep, these two are totally besties.

Meanwhile, TMZ revealed today that Simon was robbed of his computer and wallet by a one night stand he met at a Hollywood nightclub last October. He got the police to track down the woman, who returned the computer and wallet (without any cash). Maybe she wasn't impressed with his, er, package?

With this tangled web of romantic trysts and barbed allegations, perhaps Simon needs another reality show to add to his stable. Keeping Up with Cowell, perhaps?




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