Kris Jenner facelift lawsuit in doubt after daughter Khloe accidentally dobs her in

May 8th, 2012
Kris Jenner facelift lawsuit in doubt after daughter Khloe accidentally dobs her in
Kris now, and Kris then. Are the eyes different? Images: AAP
May 8th, 2012

Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner is angry, and you don't want to be on her bad side.

The 56-year-old mum of six has hit back at a cosmetics company that are suing her for breach of contract, claiming her facelift tarnished her credibility as spokeswoman for Frownies' anti-ageing Beautiful Eyes Bag.

"Momager" won't take this lying down. Kris has filed a countersuit claiming the facelift did not affect her eyes, just her neck.

She said the B&P company, who own Frownies, were financially troubled, and used "rumours published on the internet" last July about her facelift as an excuse to end the contract.

Speaking of the interwebs, gossip site Radar Online points out that daughter Khloe might have put her foot in it regarding mum's plastic surgery.

She confirmed her mum's facelift publicly in July 2011, just before Kim's wedding.

"She looks amazing," Khloe said. "They say you are supposed to have a lot of swelling for a week or so after, but I didn't notice."

Kris herself said she "needed a little freshening up for the wedding". The jury's still out on whether her eyes actually look younger. Compare the above before and after pics and tell us what you think.

In other Kardashian news, Kim has gone camera-shy (for once) after soon-to-be-ex-husband Kris Humphries' divorce lawyers demanded the divorce deposition be videotaped.

While it's a common practice for divorce matters, the taping won't go ahead if Kim has her way.

A Radar Online source close to the ex-couple claimed Kim's camp is "afraid that [the video] could get leaked to the media". There have been worse tapes of Kim leaked before ... just sayin'.

Kim will be questioned about the $325,000 Ferrari she failed to include in a charity donation she claimed was "double" her wedding gifts.

Never a dull moment at Kardashian HQ!


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