K-Stew's stylist reveals struggles to transform her from tomboy into glamazon

Nov 21st, 2012
Kristen's trademark tomboy look / Glama-stew on the red carpet
Kristen's trademark tomboy look / Glama-stew on the red carpet
Nov 21st, 2012

Kristen Stewart's stylist, Tara Swennen, has recently talked about the struggle to get the usually casual Twilight star into a pair of heels.

"There are definitely times when I have to say, 'Please, please, please put the heel on just for me'," the celeb-stylist told TheCut.com.

"[Kristen] will always change into her Converse by halfway through a carpet, which is to be expected at this point, but she puts on the heels for me for the photos, God bless her."

Working with such a chilled-out star must be difficult when attempting to force the starlet into glamorous gowns for film premieres when she clearly wants to just don sneakers and jeans.

"Just recently, she's embraced doing the long-gown thing," Tara said.

"It was definitely an opportunity for me to stick as many as I could on her."

Kristen wore two equally glamorous and sexy dresses recently to premiere screenings of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2, which must be a breakthrough for the stylist.

"She's come into her own," Tara explained. "She's letting me play a little bit more.

"She's growing into being more comfortable on the red carpet; she's definitely embracing elegance and gracefulness."

We guess this means the Twilight star will be wearing many more sexy sheer dresses in upcoming appearances.

We're ready for more of that see-through dress butt action, Kristen!


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