Kyle Sandilands's ex-wife Tamara Jaber releases new EP about their break-up

Nov 21st, 2012
Tamara Jaber and Kyle Sandilands in 2006
Tamara Jaber and Kyle Sandilands in 2006
Nov 21st, 2012

Tamara Jaber has responded in song to ex-husband Kyle Sandilands's evaluation of their failed two-year marriage in his autobiography, Scandalands.

Tamara has released her new EP, Felt, Not Heard that she wrote after her break-up with Kyle in 2010.

The first song, 'It's Over', hints that there may have been more to the break-up than Kyle let on.

"I had to find out the hard way," she sings, "when your friends say she was sleeping in your bed for months."

Is she suggesting there was cheating involved?

She also hinted at there being another guy on the scene.

"Yesterday I gave my heart away thinking we're over."

"He's got a six pack and a real big d---," she continued. "He takes me out, he wants to f--- me." Too much information, Tamara!

"The first song I wrote drunk at our old house in St Ives right after," Tamara told Sydney's Daily Telegraph. "It was true heartbreak and it started the whole journey."

"In the past," Tamara added "I think I've been a bit of a try-hard. You're always trying to get a hit, make it big. I'm proud I finally just released something that's honest. Genuine."

Who could forget Tamara's 2005 release, 'Ooh Ahh' about losing her bra in her boyfriend's car.


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