Kyle Sandilands hits back at ex-wife's songs about him: 'She should’ve just written a book'

Nov 22nd, 2012
Tamara and Kyle at the Logies in 2007
Tamara and Kyle at the Logies in 2007
Nov 22nd, 2012

Kyle Sandilands has spoken out about his ex-wife Tamara Jaber singing about their failed marriage on her new EP, Felt, Not Heard.

On his 2DayFM radio show, Kyle’s co-host Jackie O played some of Tamara's songs back to him, and questioned him about their content.

When she asked him about 'It's Over', in which Tamara sings "she's been sleeping in your bed for months" (watch below), Kyle admitted, "Yeah that's about me, that's for sure."

"We'd been separated for two years," Kyle continued. "You don't ring up your ex-wife and say 'Guess what, I'm tapping someone else now'."

Jackie played him another song entitled 'MIA'.

"She's saying you better be dead or gay, why have you been MIA?" Jackie clarified.

"That would be 'missing in action', that's probably me," Kyle replied. "I don't want to sound up myself, she should have just written a book."

It gets juicier — hear what else Kyle had to say in the audio above.

Kyle and Tamara broke up in 2010.

The shock jock delved into his post-relationship angst in his recently released autobiography, Scandalands.


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