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Jailed: Melrose Place actress charged with vehicular homicide

Nov 28th, 2012
Jailed: <i>Melrose Place</i> actress charged with vehicular homicide
Nov 28th, 2012

Amy Locane, who appeared in the ‘90s TV series Melrose Place, and the Johnny Depp film Cry Baby, has been convicted of vehicular homicide, following a 2010 car collision that took the life of a 60-year-old woman and seriously injured her husband.

A more serious charge of aggravated manslaughter was dropped, but the standing conviction carries with it a sentence of between five to 10 years jail time. Amy must serve a minimum of 85 percent of the sentence without parole.

It was revealed that Amy had a blood-alcohol level more than three times above the legal limit. Despite this, Amy took the wheel of her SUV.

Her lawyer claimed a woman was chasing Amy after an earlier accident, prompting the star to speed.

"There were no winners declared by the verdict," assistant prosecutor Matthew Murphy told the Associated Press. "There are only losers.

"A husband lost his dear wife, his two children lost their mother [Helene surname] and Helene's mother lost her daughter. That loss can never be rectified by a verdict."

Amy is currently being held in prison and will face sentencing on March 1, 2013.


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