Wardrobe malfunction double whammy: LeAnn Rimes' nip slip, Twilight star's no-panties flash

Dec 14th, 2012
Wardrobe malfunction double whammy: LeAnn Rimes' nip slip, <i>Twilight</i> star's no-panties flash
LeAnn Rimes suffers nipple-gate; Twilight mum Elizabeth Reaser in no-panty peril.
Dec 14th, 2012

Just days after Anne Hathaway's disastrous wardrobe malfunction and her defiant response to the incident on live TV, two more celebrity glamazons have suffered a similar fate.

Country singer LeAnn Rimes popped out to a Hollywood party last night, and so did her left nipple.

Luckily, the 30-year-old, who has recently been in rehab for "anxiety and stress", had her husband Eddie Cibrian to cosy up to between the nip slip and her on-stage performance.

LeAnn signs an autograph in her breast handwriting; LeAnn put on a great show! Images: Splash

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Reaser , who plays Cullen family matriarch Esme, aka Robert Pattinson 's mum in the Twilight films, unknowingly exposed herself at a media event in Hong Kong.

Wearing a teeny-tiny lace skirt, the 37-year-old found herself in what will hereby known as "chucking an Anne Flashaway". Or "Anne Hath-no-underwear".

The latest epidemic of wardrobe malfunctions raises the controversial question: Why not just wear undies?

The mystery of the absent panties can be easily solved with a g-string, or perhaps the old-school solution of a modesty leaf. Problems solved!

If one must go bereft of knickers, the simple "knees-together" trick is essential when exiting a vehicle. Walking like a Barbie could also help on the red carpet.

The no-bra issue is a trickier one. Double-sided tape is unreliable, invisible bras can look tacky. Strapless bras are a nightmare with the pulling-up-all-the-time routine. But gaffer tape is great!

That still doesn't excuse paparazzi leering outside limos salivating over the prospects of an upskirt shot, or peeping too closely at daring red-carpet choices. Then again, we're all human ... or something like that.

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