Kate Middleton’s nose tops plastic surgery menu in UK

Dec 28th, 2012
Kate Middleton
Dec 28th, 2012

Celeb lookalike obsessions have reached new heights, with Duchess Kate at the top of the plastic surgery wish-list.

Plastic surgeons in the UK have noticed an increasing number of celebrity requests from patients wishing to emulate physical traits of their famous idols.

Topping the list of most-wanted faces is the Duchess of Cambridge, whose celebrated schnoz is copied as much as her fashion choices.

Requests for the pregnant royal’s button nose have tripled in the past year alone, according to research by the Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group.

But Kate’s isn’t the only famous face people are chasing.

Cheryl Cole’s cuter-than-cute dimples are also a popular choice amongst women going under the knife.

But it seems as though it is actually men who are yearning for a celeb-like appearance.

At the top of men’s wish-lists is a jaw like Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson’s.

Ashton Kutcher’s chiselled cheekbones, Ryan Gosling kissable lips and Zac Effron’s smouldering peepers are also highly coveted by dudes dreaming of being desired.

That is, according to the Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group, who are trying to get some publicity for their cosmetic procedures including breast enlargements, facelifts, botox and liposuction.

In addition to noticing a growing trend in patients requesting celebrity bodyparts, a spokesman from the company said that “people are choosing celebrities who are sophisticated and naturally beautiful”.

Have you or anyone you know asked a plastic surgeon for celebrity-inspired cosmetic surgery? If so, tell us below or email us with your story or pics at spotted@ninemsn.com.au.

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