Watch: James Franco’s hilarious Bieber parody

Jan 8th, 2013
Watch: James Franco’s hilarious Bieber parody
Jan 8th, 2013

Actor pals James Franco and Ashley Benson have released a video of them lip-synching to Justin Bieber's hit ‘Boyfriend’ - dressed as Biebs and his ex, Selena Gomez.

James and Ashley are starring alongside Selena in the upcoming movie Spring Breakers, so we think this might be a quirky show of support for Selena.

In the video, James is dressed in a hoodie with a hat covering his shagging Bieber-style fringe haircut. Ashley, who is usually a blonde, has donned a brown wig, clearly going for the Selena Gomez bob.

Check out the clip above for this goofy vouch of support for a co-star and friend. It also confirms that James Franco is indeed the coolest guy around.

Biebs hasn't commented on the clip, but it's safe to say he won't be performing a duet with James Franco any time soon.


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