We almost missed it: Eva Longoria's red carpet nip slip

Jan 16th, 2013
Jan 16th, 2013

Everyone was so distracted by Jodie Foster's not-coming-out speech and Tommy Lee Jones' Grumpy Cat impersonation at the Golden Globes, they failed to notice the real news event. That is, Eva Longoria popping out of her dress on the red carpet.

The pint-sized star accidentally exposed a whole boob while leaning forwards in front of photographers before the ceremony.

Posing up a storm with her hair stylist mate Ken Paves, Eva seemed blissfully unaware of her wardrobe malfunction, although after she sees this pic she'll probably be adding some double-sided tape to her red carpet get-ups in future.

Double whammy: Eva seemed to have trouble with the bottom half of her gown, too

She totally one-upped Taylor Swift, who narrowly avoided a nip slip of her own thanks to a sensible pastie. Snooze!

Saved by the pastie: Taylor Swift wasn't going to let a rogue nip upstage her maroon red carpet number.

Want to cringe at more unfortunate red carpet escapee boobs? Check out our slideshow. Just want to check out all the pretty dresses at the Globes? Go forth, fashionista.


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