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Watch: 'Drunk' Anne Hathaway sings Beyoncé, hits on Hangover star in spoof interview

Feb 14th, 2013
Watch: 'Drunk' Anne Hathaway sings Beyonce, hits on <i>Hangover</i> star in spoof interview
Feb 14th, 2013

Whatever you might think of Anne Hathaway, one thing's for sure: She's a good sport.

Always willing to make a fool of herself on camera, the 30-year-old Les Miserables Oscar favourite has done just that in a new spoof interview with Hangover star Zach Galifianakis.

Appearing in Zach's Between Two Ferns interview series on comedy site Funny or Die, Anne turns alcoholic sleaze with disturbing ease.

Stumbling in, she plops herself on Zach's lap, rubs his face in her bosom and showers him with kisses like a true flirt. Watch the hilarious moment above, featuring Anne's painfully off-key rendition of Beyoncé's 'Best Thing I Never Had'. She should play drunks more often!

Anne wasn't the only star Zach roped in for a cheeky spot of self-embarrassment. Filmed after last week's Oscars luncheon, the spoof interviews also feature nominees Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain, Amy Adams and Naomi Watts.

However, Zach's reunion with Hangover co-star Bradley Cooper got heated when Zach feigned jealousy over Bradley's Oscar nomination for The Silver Linings Playbook, handing him a "loser's speech" for the upcoming Academy Awards.

Brad's F-bomb-packed reaction is priceless — watch him lose it below:

Meanwhile, Anne fans, here's another of our fave "Hathaway-hath-no-shame" TV moments:

More wacky times in this slideshow:




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