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Miranda Kerr flashes her toned abs in new campaign

Feb 5th, 2013
Miranda Kerr modelling for the Mango clothing campaign
Feb 5th, 2013

In the Spring 2013 Mango campaign, yummy mummy Miranda Kerr lifts up her shirt to show off her flat tummy.

Wearing super-tight skinny white jeans and horizontal stripes, it's safe to say that nobody wears this look better than this Aussie babe.

So how does she keep so fit?

"I've been doing yoga for more than ten years, but the way I really stay in shape is by spending so much time dancing and running with my son," she told Daily Mail.

"You have to give your body the nutrients it needs and, always within limits, you should never deprive yourself of anything. Life is for living!"

Watch the behind-the-scenes footage from the Mango campaign in the video below.

Image credit: Mango


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