'I was an a--': Sam Worthington comes clean on restaurant brawl

Apr 19th, 2013
'I was an a--': Sam Worthington comes clean on restaurant brawl
It sounds like Sam's finally starting to confront his demons.
Apr 19th, 2013

Sam Worthington's been keeping something of a low public profile after last year's bizarre altercation outside a restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. Now, the Aussie star has taken full responsibility for the fray.

"I was a jerk. It was my fault," Worthington conceded in an interview with News Limited. "I've admitted it. I was a jerk, I was in the wrong. Move on. That's it."

Sam took a blast from a can of pepper spray during the incident, which reportedly saw the Avatar star threatening the door man of the Vortex bar and Grill while screaming "I'm a DEA agent! You f---ed up now!"

Turns out it was Sam who, um, messed up. When asked if he was boozing that night, Sam denied it. "No, I was an ass!"

It's a frank admission from the star, who has a record of being short-tempered. However, it hasn't slowed his career, with Sam cast in roles for upcoming surfing film Drift due May 2, as well as the next Avatar films from James Cameron.

Stick around for more Sam Worthington-weirdness in our gallery below.


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