Tan Mom rejected by adult film company because they don't do 'granny' vids

Apr 24th, 2013
Tan Mom rejected by adult film company because they don't do 'granny' vids
Would you go there? Tan mom flaunts her wares.
Apr 24th, 2013

Patricia Krentcil, aka "Tan Mom", thinks she'd make a smoking hot porn star.

Keen to bust out her bronzed skin on camera, the 45-year-old reportedly sent an email to Vivid Entertainment president Steve Hirsch, pitching her X-rated video idea and comparing herself to "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham.

"I see you are trying to buy this sex tape from this Teen Mom, well if you REALLY want to make MONEY then I would agree to let you film me and all my hotness," she wrote, according to E! Online.

"Because let's face it I am far MORE popular and WAY HOTTER than Farrah! Men want a cougar and a real woman not a teenybopper. Contact me back if you're ready to talk serious cash and rock the world."

Don't worry, you won't be subjected to a Tan Mom porno any time soon. The movie guys weren't too keen on the idea either.

Vivid Entertainment head Hirsch told E! News: "Although there is much interest in Tanning Mom and her exploits, I just don't think she fits in with the Vivid culture as we don't have any Granny porn. I wish her the best and would be happy to have her interviewing on Vivid Radio."

Vivid are the same group that purchased and released Kim Kardashian's notorious sex tape. Imagine being turned down by them!

Tan Mom rose to "fame" last year amid accusations that she had been taking her five-year-old daughter with her to tan at a solarium. The charges were dropped but Patricia was banned from more than 60 tanning salons in the tri-state area.

Ouch, sorry Tan Mom. That's gotta hurt more than an overheated sunbed!

Oh well, there's always Playboy:


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